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Amegy Bank, NA - Dallas

I feel that I am extremely distracted in my everyday life!  I realized today in the seminar that it was a wake up call to start practicing awareness everywhere I go! I appreciate all the safety tips and explanations you gave us and look forward to being more alert everyday! 

Lindsy W.

Fannin Bank, Bonham TX

Thank you so much for opening my eyes to things that can and do happen when we are not aware!  I loved the traveling abroad information, very helpful!  I have never been in a Seminar this in depth talking about Awareness and Safety, thanks again!

Kristie B.

Keller Williams - Lubbock, TX

This presentation was excellent! All aspects were very helpful.  I feel I am now more aware through the scenarios you presented during the seminar that was applicable to our job in real estate!  Talking through scenarios and hearing safety solutions and how to react to certain instances will make me safer starting today!

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