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Chad Klotz has served over 15 years as a Federal Law Enforcement Agent with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He also served 16 years in the Army Special Forces and Special Operations and 2 years with the Department of Defense (DOD) conducting military intelligence operations. He has also started his own business sharing his knowledge of tactics and weapons handling with the general public. His time as a Federal Agent has been spent primarily involved in the Counter Terrorism realm conducting missions both internationally and domestically.


During his time in the Special Forces, Chad served in numerous combat operations throughout Africa, Middle East and the Former Yugoslavia. Chad has been tasked with training and teaching numerous allied militaries in subjects ranging from medicine to military free fall and airborne operations to sniper and hostage rescue tactics.


While serving as Law Enforcement Officer, he wanted to branch out both in wanting to run/manage his own business but also share his knowledge, skills and abilities with the general public in helping them want to learn how to safely handle and operate their own weapons and improve upon their current skill sets. Chad, through the Green Berets and DHS has been trained and certified as an instructor in the modalities of:  tactics, firearms, physical fitness and self-defense and has served as an instructor for 7 out of his 31 years in the Federal Government.  

Chad was working for DOD providing intelligence for the Special Operations community on the day of 9/11/01. It was then that he decided he needed to provide his valuable skill sets he learned as a Special Forces Sniper and Assaulter, so he applied to become a Federal Law Enforcement Officer with DHS. 


As a DHS Law Enforcement Officer, Chad has been deployed to numerous countries around the world and in all major cities within the United States.  

Chad has trained over 1,000 people in the use of weapons, tactics and personal self-defense tactics and combatives.  


Chad’s combined 31 years of varied Gov’t service has given him a wealth of experience and knowledge to properly train, teach and conduct training in different climates and to diverse audiences. Chad’s track record to successfully mentor, teach and instruct was a natural fit to partner with Randy Hughes, President/Founder of SAS.  Together they form a strong and experienced team to train and support you in any and all of your training wants or needs.     

Chad Klotz : Facilitator / Consultant

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