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We here at Strategic Awareness Solutions, SAS, are saddened by the unexpected passing of Russ Haas on 02.23.18.  

Russ was a true friend, a partner with SAS and a mentor in life.  Russ always had his priorities straight ~ God, Family, work and play!  Russ leaves behind his wife Beth, daughter Linsey McNeel and husband Justin, daughter Alexa Ard and husband Ryan and three grandchildren Sweyzie, Lane and Benji.

Russ passed away suddenly of cardiac arrest on a flight to Southeast Asia while beginning a three week vacation with Beth.  Russ was a God fearing man and believed in Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.  He would pray with anyone at anytime. Russ truly cared about others more than he did himself, it seems.  He loved completely, forgave easily and his life revolved around his family.  


For the last 2 years, Russ has worked with SAS as a consultant and was our VP of Business Development.  He and I have the same moral compass, same values and most importantly the same goals.  This was a perfect fit.  He believed as I do that our job was to save as many lives as we could before we left this earth.  To give others the tools needed to survive in this ever-changing world!  We  believed it so much that our goal wasn't about the money, it was about the lives we could save both spiritually and physically.  That all would see our light shine and be able to have the tools necessary to save themselves when tragedy struck.  We knew we were making a difference in our training sessions and seminars, we just hoped we would hear one day, firsthand, that we did actually save lives. 

Over the past two years, Russ has been my rock through some very trying times in my personal life.  He was there everyday to guide me where I needed to go.  He pushed me hard every day to pray more, study the Bible more, turn it all over to God, to be a better person, better leader and mostly to forge this company ahead so we could save lives now, before tragedy strikes. 


During all of our seminars we ask those in attendance to send us feedback if they find themselves involved in a tragedy and the tools we presented kept them safer or kept them alive. Well Russ, we now know we did save a life!  You Russ, saved a life all by yourself!  It was ME!  I love you, my heart is broken and I will miss you along with hundreds of friends and family!  Your legacy will live on through SAS and you'll always be with us everywhere we go.

Randy Hughes

Founder and President


Russell has over 33 years as a United States Federal Law Enforcement Officer.  He began his law enforcement career in the United States Air Force, as a Military Police Officer.  He spent nine years in the Air Force, serving at numerous duty stations around the world.  


Russell served as a Lieutenant/Special Investigative Supervisor for 13 years with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, (FBOP).  During this time, he had the opportunity to work at the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum (USP-ADX), in Florence Colorado.  This facility houses the most dangerous criminals in the United States.  He also had the opportunity to work at the USP in Beaumont, Texas.  On September 11, 2001, he was responsible for securing inmates who were directly involved in the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.  


As a Lieutenant in the FBOP, he was tasked with training & supervising over 225 correctional officers.  Russell was also responsible for inmate transportation inside and outside the facility.  He served as the Disturbance Control Leader and trained staff under his supervision.


Russell spent  his final 11 years of service as a Senior Federal Law Enforcement Agent working counter terrorism with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  He held positions in the New York City, NY and the Dallas, TX Field Offices.  Though his work with the US Government is classified, Russell has been deployed on over 3,000 special missions all over the world, in the most densely populated cities.

Russell’s diverse background, in his 33 years of Law Enforcement, has equipped him with the proper mindset to establish valuable safety regimens.  Regardless of the situation you’re in, he will provide you with numerous proactive security tactics.  His ability to teach and instruct has led him to partner with Randy Hughes, President/Founder of SAS.  Together they will empower and equip you to recognize and de-escalate any situation.

In Memorium
Russell Haas : VP of Business Development / Facilitator

September 23, 1964   -  February 23, 2018

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