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Shifting Perspective.  Elevating Awareness.  Building Confidence.

We present our clients with the proper tactics and survival skill sets to keep you aware and safe in your everyday life.  SAS specializes in training and saving the lives of women, and the ones they love, by equipping them with an intentional strategy!


The SAS team brings the best in public forum education.  Our keynote Facilitators, Trainers and Educators serve individuals & groups of any size worldwide.  


Contact us for a consult.



SAS is highly qualified to educate and train a group of any size in any location nationwide.  We equip you with life saving skills, and preventative techniques needed to survive in this ever changing world !


abroad ?

From student exchange programs to mission trips

or family vacations, we value your safety!  Are you

prepared? Learn key strategies, tips and tactics to

keep your group aware and safe while traveling

abroad to foreign countries.




Our team of skilled professionals assists you in creating an active shooter plan, and follows through with implementation. Let us help you create a safer work environment!



Did you just get your Concealed Hand gun License?  Would you like to be a more proficient shooter, and get smaller groupings?  Would you like to be more confident in your licensure?  SAS Instructors are prepared to both host or travel to provide you with the proper firearms training you need!

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