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After Today's Devastation in Orlando, Does Your Business Have an Active Shooter Plan ?

Today, an Orlando business has suffered from a devastating case of work place violence. The active shooter was an ex-employee who, in the end, turned the weapon upon himself. Sadly, 5 died, while 7 survived. This is a horrific experience that no one should ever have to navigate, however, there are some questions that everyone should think about.

1.) Could it have been prevented?

2.) Did I have prior knowledge about the person committing these heinous acts?

3.) What can I do to prevent future workplace violence incidents at my place of employment?

4.) Does my place of business have an Active Shooter plan?

Although no one can fully prevent someone from performing a heinous act, there are preventative principles that can be implemented. Our intentional strategies and tactics will keep you and your workplace safe and promote proper awareness in potentially harmful situations.

Strategic Awareness Solutions looks to save your life and promote a higher level of awareness for all individuals in everyday life. Contact our team for information on how we can help your business prepare a plan to prevent tradgedy !

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