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We Stand Behind London !

Another tragic day in London! Atrocities keep happening, here and abroad! Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families as they work through this once again in only a few weeks! SAS stands with all of England, all of Europe and all victims across the world as the pace is quickening and we just can't seem to stop it!

ARE YOU TRULY SAFE! That is our question to you. Do you even know how to be safe! SAS teaches all people in all workplaces the skill sets needed to survive in tragic situations! What is a life worth? We can ask that all day long, but until you spend an hour and a half out of your day, listen to what we have to say, apply that which we teach you in your everyday life, then and only then will you truly understand what it means to be Aware and Safe! Not only is our presentation useful for you, you can also teach your children, friends and family the basic principles learned. It's not only workplace violence; it's going to the mall, movies and soccer games or just driving down the road! More and more, tragedy is striking at an alarming rate all over the USA and the biggest problem that we face here in the USA is this: NO ONE EVER THINKS IT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM! Therefore, you won't even see it coming! Are you ready?

Strategic Awareness Solutions, (SAS), provides public speaking, consulting and training. SAS specializes in teaching women how to be safe and aware, but everyone needs to learn these skill sets for their everyday life! Yes, even MEN!! This presentation, "Being Safe In Our New Reality", will arm you with the skill sets needed to survive in this ever-changing world. Call now and book us for your next community event, Women's Conference, Women's Lunch and Learn, Women's Bible Studies, teens traveling abroad, or privately for your upcoming vacation abroad. If you're a Financial Advisor, serve up a treat for all your women clients! (By the way, women will control over 66% of the personal wealth in the United States by the year 2030. As an advisor, you owe it to yourself and your company to get to know your FEMALE clients, not just the husband)! If you are an executive in a corporation, what is your EXCUSE for allowing men to have lavish expense accounts and not having the same for the women? SAS is talking about saving lives! How about all of your employees that travel everyday both in the USA and abroad? Arm all of your employees with skill sets that will keep them aware, safe and more productive going forward!

When you put out the R.S.V.P. list, you'll be amazed how many will show up ~ you'll need a bigger venue, I promise! Why not stand with SAS and help save lives? It could be your wife, husband, daughter, son, friend or any loved one that it happens to next. Don't wait until it’s too late and you had the opportunity right in front of you! Never be reactive ~ be proactive! Strategic Awareness Solutions is saving lives, one presentation at a time! or email to ! Be Aware and Be Safe!


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