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Traveling Abroad Safely

Now that summer is in full swing, there are vacations and trips on the travel docket for the next few months. Maybe you are headed out as a family for some R&R, or maybe your child is preparing for a summer college exchange trip?

We have all heard the horror stories of people going on vacations abroad, and never returning home. It is truly devastating! As we move forward in our travel endeavors, it would be wise to do so by learning as much as possible beforehand.

1.) Are you or your child aware of proper conduct in your final destination?

2.) If there is an emergency abroad, do you or your child know who to call or where to go?

3.) Do you have an emergency plan? Do you know how to put one together?

Because dangers are everywhere, there are many pre-emptive measures to put in place that will aid in your overall safety. The questions above are just a few things to consider, however, there are more aspects of safe traveling that everyone should be fully aware of.

At SAS, we educate and brief schools, universities, faculty and parents nationwide in order to place safety at the forefront and help bring your loved ones home.

There would be no point in taking a vacation if you don't live to tell about it... right?

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