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Would you? Save a life?

If you had the chance to save someone's life would you? If you had the opportunity to save many lives, i.e., your employees, your co-workers, your family or your friends, would you? Do you have the skill sets to save someone’s life? You may not know this, but we all have the knowledge to preserve life. You just need to be taught how to use that knowledge and learn how to correctly execute the skills to make yourself and others safe.

For example; Let’s say there is a workplace incident in which a shooter came into your building. Do you have a plan? If you run the other direction, away from the shooter and take someone with you, you probably just saved your life and that of another person. Imagine; if you would have taken 10 people with you to safety, you would have saved 10 lives.

How about saving the life of someone that is a close friend? Let’s say that you and a few friends are out at the bar and one of you is the designated responsible person. A well-dressed, good looking gentleman is coming on to one of your friends. You, as the designated responsible person, don’t let her leave with the man that none of you know and most importantly, you don’t leave her alone. We all know that someone in the group can drink too much and say, “I can get myself home, you girls go ahead!” Never, ever, leave someone alone! This is when tragedy can strike, at their most vulnerable moment! You possibly just saved her life from danger. In this example, what you didn’t know is that he was not the good person she assumed he was. Because you didn’t leave your friend behind, she didn’t end up sexually assaulted and left for dead in a place no one could find her. No one ever thinks it will happen to them, until it does!

These issues only scratch the surface of what we teach, and we cover so much more! During our presentation, we arm you with knowledge, skill sets and the confidence needed to prepare yourself for everyday activities, all the while, remaining aware of what is going on around you. Whether at work, home or play, with children or out with friends, you will have the confidence to be safe.

Don't let it be a reaction to a tragic event that occurs in the workplace or elsewhere before you decide to act! Don't wait until it’s too late. You could have saved many lives, if not your own! So I ask you again; Would you? Would you save a life if you could?

I, and many others just like me, have spent the better part of our careers running to where danger lurks, something I would never recommend. There are many ways to prepare yourself and others for the day that something tragic occurs. See it before it happens, and learn what it means to be truly Aware and Safe. Strategic Awareness Solutions is committed to training you and your team the skills to be safe in everyday life. We will never leave anyone behind! We will be a resource for you, always here to answer any questions.

Be Aware and be Safe!

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