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Being AWARE is not a choice ~ it's the SOLUTION!

We all seem to fall into the trap of the most dangerous situation of all; thinking it will never happen to you! Active shooters abound all over the USA in this new reality in which we live! You have to ask yourself if you are prepared for the inevitable! Whether in schools, churches, concerts, malls and especially the workplace; Are you safe? Is your employer ensuring you have a safe place to work? Have you been through active shooter training? These are the questions we at Strategic Awareness Solutions address when we come in for a seminar. We specialize in training women, men, corporations, small businesses and churches how to be safe in our new reality. Both in the workplace and everywhere else you may go throughout your day until you return home to your loved ones. Be prepared, act now to make a change for the better! The skill sets we teach you can be passed on to your children and others. Don't wait until it's too late and you're saying to yourselves in the Boardroom, "I wish we would have had this training before this happened, more of us may have survived"! Contact us at for any questions you may have. Find us here at Always, be aware and be safe!

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