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All is quiet....for now!

However, in the blink of an eye your world can turn upside down, drastically and tragically! No need to be complacent today or any day! Always be aware of your surroundings! We all think that it will never happen to us! It's tragic that we think this way! Life is simple, we're the ones that complicate it! Un-complicate your life today, don't wait! Seek out those things that are important in your life that you need and cling to them! Don't wait until it's too late to do those things you always wanted to do. Remember, sometimes; less is more and more is less! WE ONLY NEED A FRACTION OF WHAT WE WANT! Be safe, it's an evil world where evil people do evil things. Prepare yourself and learn the skill sets needed to keep yourself, your family and co-workers safe!

UPDATE! 3 hours after this post, An active shooter went into YOUTUBE HQ and started firing shots! IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU! BE PREPARED!

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