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This scene is playing out every week in the USA!

Once again, tragedy has struck Texas on a massive scale! Strategic Awareness Solutions, SAS, stands by in prayer for all those affected at SANTA FE HIGH SCHOOL!

It seems like just yesterday we were dealing with the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church shootings! It will happen again somewhere and soon! We can't stop all of these evil people, but, we can certainly be prepared, and, through training start to stop some of the heinous actions created by these cowardly, weak, sick individuals!

What you may not know: In the Dallas /Ft Worth Metroplex alone over the last 7 days, there have been many shooting deaths. The worst is a father in a domestic violence situation when he shot 3 of his own children, his ex wife and her boyfriend before turning the gun on himself. A mass shooting at Stonebriar Mall was thwarted by authorities ~ thankfully before he could carry out this act of violence! And ~ at Hulen Mall, on 2 separate occasions a Molotov Cocktail was thrown into 3 different stores!

Our question is this: ARE YOU PREPARED? Violent crimes of any kind will happen to 83% of the USA population in their lifetimes. You didn't know that did you? No one ever thinks it's going to happen to them! Are you really prepared? Do you have the skill sets necessary for survival in this NEW REALITY we now live in? In almost every place you can think of it is happening: Sexual assaults, rapes, domestic violence, active shooters, workplace violence, murders, car-jacking’s, cars running down innocent people, and many more ways evil people are preying on innocent lives!

You shouldn't have any excuses of why you aren't seeking a more in depth training to learn these skill sets that can save your lives and the lives of your families and friends. If you are a corporation, small business, church or you belong to any group out there, don't let the above picture play out at your home, workplace or church! You CANNOT put a price on what a life is worth! Don't wait until it's too late and lives have been lost! It could be YOUR LIFE that is lost!

SAS caters to each individual group to give you the best training under your circumstances. No matter what you do or where you go, all the principles are the same and we teach you how to be AWARE! YOU CAN'T BE SAFE IF YOU AREN'T AWARE! Don't hesitate, call or email us to find out how we can accommodate your needs and work with us to save as many lives as possible! Contact us here:

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