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An Open Letter To Friends And Family In OKC, OK.

OKC, OK Shooting

This is an Open Letter to all my Friends and Family in Oklahoma, Texas and all over the USA!

Please read all the way down for very important Awareness and Safety tips for this Memorial Day Weekend, 2018!

I want to express my heartfelt sorrow for all the victims that had to endure the incident at Louie’s Restaurant on Hefner Lake! Thankfully, those that were shot will recover. However, the lasting damage will be immense for them and many others for years to come! And for this reason, you are all in my prayers!

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as we continually see incidents like this and much worse all over our country in our “New Reality” we live in today! Here are only a FEW incidents that have occurred in just the last few weeks:

OKC, OK, Restaurant shooting 1 dead, 4 injured

Mississauga / Toronto Restaurant bombing 15 injured

Toronto Vehicle attack 10 dead, 15 injured

Hazlehurst, MS Nightclub shooting 1 dead, 7 injured

Stockton, CA 3 dead, 2 injured

Ponder, TX 5 dead, 1 injured

Sante Fe, TX High School 10 dead, 13 injured

Stonebriar Mall, Frisco, TX Mass Shooting thwarted by Police!

I, like thousands of other Federal Agents, Police Officers and Sheep Dogs all across the USA, have spent our careers training to always make sure we came home each day without injury. We constantly trained to be the first one through the door and the one stopping all those evil people that prey on defenseless victims! I continue in retirement and my new endeavor to always be the one that takes the bullet, but saves the lives of the innocents! We all seem to think that it can’t happen to us ~ think that it CAN and WILL happen to you! Start paying attention and making plans to get the training you need to survive and go home to your loved ones everyday!

My only goal for the company here at Strategic Awareness Solutions, LLC Dallas, TX, is to save as many lives as I can by teaching everyone the skill sets needed to survive in this ‘New Reality” we live in today!

Regarding the incident at Louie’s Restaurant and what you may not know about me; I am a born and bred Texan, but raised in Oklahoma all my childhood years until I graduated and left home. I am Oklahoma and Texas Proud! I joined the Marines, later on the U.S. Border Patrol and after that fateful day on 9-11, switched to Counter –Terrorism for the remaining 13 years of my career! My family still lives in Oklahoma to this day and I have many friends that live there as well. I am constantly traveling all over the state of Oklahoma visiting and holding seminars. I have eaten at Louie’s with my family and friends. It’s a beautiful place to eat! One of my best friends from Oklahoma was headed to eat at Louie’s last night to dine with clients. She changed her mind last minute and took them to another establishment. While eating supper, her phone started blowing up and they quickly realized they could have been sitting there in that moment! When tragedy strikes, it affects us all!

You really need to be aware this weekend! Throughout all the activities, parades and events that you are attending watch for these signs of danger that could keep you aware enough to live~ not die!

  • Watch for cars, trucks and vans driving where they shouldn’t be driving / speeding!

  • Running over people is trending across the world and in USA!

  • Look for clothing that is out of place, bulky, bulging. Hiding weapons!

  • Watch the entrance doors of restaurants from a distance, not up close.

  • Look for the exits! Whatever building you may be in usually has a back door to escape through.

  • Be watchful in rest areas, park under lights and swap out keeping watch!

  • ALWAYS -Look up, look around, not just in front of you – Don’t get Tunnel Vision!

  • Stay off phones between cars and buildings. You could get run over, walk into a robbery, etc.

  • Remember to breathe!

  • Most importantly – If you see something, say something and move to safety while calling 9-1-1! Let the Police handle it! If shooting, driving or any tragedy starts to occur, RUN to safety and take cover behind something that can’t be penetrated, HIDE! (Think cars, trucks, boulders, buildings, steel doors, etc).

These are only a few tips! Don’t wait until it’s too late! Go to our website at, call us at 214-385-3913 or email us at We host Seminars focusing on keeping you Aware and Safe regarding Everyday Life, Workplace Violence, Active Shooter / Training and Domestic Violence. We specialize in training women the skill sets they need to survive. However, no one is exempt and we all need these skill sets to survive! We love coming and training in Oklahoma and all over the USA! It allows me extra time to see family and friends who are there working side by side with you! It’s what we do at SAS – we will go through that door and face the evil people and will teach you how to be safe when they come preying!

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