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SAS Team and Bonham, Police Department

Strategic Awareness Solutions, SAS, would like to thank FANNIN BANK for hosting an Active Shooter Training event in the cities of Bonham and Honey Grove, TX this week. We could not have performed our training without the assistance of these following groups: Chief Mike Bankston and the Bonham Police Department, Chief Scott Ridling and the Bonham Fire Department, Interim Chief Steven Antommarchi with Honey Grove Police Department and Director John Bird from TMC Bonham Hospital. Without these individuals, training like this can never occur. We were so proud to have everyone come together as a team and get through this without any injuries or problems! Thank you for all your help! It is wonderful to see a community come together for a common goal. Even during training, it brings people closer together and you realize quickly the compassion of all those involved and the reason they chose to do what they do, save lives as First Responders and Sheep Dogs! Thank you all for your service to the citizens and surrounding communities of Bonham and Honey Grove, TX!

Bonham, TX Fire Department in action!


Fannin Bank Officers Bryan Peeler and Todd Kluger hosted our Seminar, "Being Safe In Our New Reality" last fall. SAS came out and taught skill sets needed to survive in this everyday world we now live in to all Fannin Bank Employees. Shortly after the Seminar, SAS and Fannin Bank decided to move forward with this last phase of training, the Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Scenario. This week, that happened with the help from the individuals listed above. We had a very successful day, meaning we all went home and no one got hurt!

SAS chose a scenario based on the needs of Fannin Bank. All other parties came on board and performed their own scenarios to accommodate their Officers, Firemen and Hospital Employees for a great training day. In actuality, 4 different scenarios took place at the same time with over 75 people involved! That was amazing! Each team ran their scenarios separately to ascertain the readiness, responses, actions, decision-making and processes of all involved. I want to personally thank the 911 Dispatcher on the silent end of all this. Deana Foster was calm throughout and made sure everyone knew it was a training exercise so no one would get hurt. Safety is always the hardest part of these scenarios and always our first priority at SAS. She was a comfort on the other end of the radio!

SAS always stresses to our clients the huge gap and difference between real life training and module training. Bryan Peeler and Todd Kluger knew this and that is why they mandated this training! Fannin Bank is one of the most prepared banks that I have ever walked into. Their employees are spot on, aware, safe and most importantly, up to date! I'm sure you can ask any Fannin Bank employee what they went through and I'm certain they will tell you, "It will not be a day I will soon forget"!

Strategic awareness Solutions provides many aspects of training and always caters to the needs of our clients for situations that have occurred and could occur in the future. These types of training exercises allow you to be state compliant and up to date in your yearly certifications. At SAS we work with you to update deficiencies in your training materials, consult with you in many different phases and we always increase safety and decrease liability within your company. Most importantly, when you become our client, we in turn become your client. Through our Resource Network, we will always be available for you and your employees moving forward, should any of you ever have a need, help or questions answered! We will go through that door; we will be there to help you! Our mission is saving lives and I believe we all contributed to doing that this week! Once again, thanks to Fannin Bank and all who were involved. Your time and assistance was invaluable. For more information, visit us at

Bonham Police and Fire Departments in action!

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